Friday, October 29, 2010

Update on Northside's "A Christmas Carol."

So I heard back from James today. I was at work when I got the call. I checked my voice mail as soon as I had a free chance. I was not cast. Boo. James was very sweet about it. It was sorry, I can't use you this time. I love you (I love you, too, James). Bu-ut, would you be interested in stage managing/assistant directing?

I have some issues with accepting a tech position. I adamantly, do not want to be seen as a tech. I want to be an actress. And I do worry very much about being pigeon-holed as a tech. I actually been witness to this happening to my awesome fiance. He's a great actor and amazing singer. Unfortunately, he's taken so many tech positions no one knows he can act. Also, he doesn't market himself terribly, but that's another story. I know I did great work with Shady as an ASM, which is where I met James. He's seen what I can do.

My problem comes down to: take the tech position-don't suck at it, and forever get stuck as a tech. Decline the tech position-have nothing to do for theatre-wise for the months of October through December, and no money (tech pays very well, better than acting). I have played with the idea that if acting doesn't work out for me switching into stage management. So the experience would certainly be helpful.

...I spent a lot of time thinking about it and I've ultimately decided to go with the tech position. Really, I need the money. I need the experience and I could use the opportunity to do some more networking. I have hope that the actors I'll be working with will not just see me as a tech person. It's worth to note that quite a few actors, in general, also end up directing at some point. Here's to a good show experience!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Auditioning for Northside Theatre: "A Christmas Carol"

Yesterday I went in for my audition for Northside's "A Christmas Carol." It's being directed by my friend, James Lucas. I met James this past summer at Shady. He played Georgette in "Much Ado About Nothing" and Antonio in "Merchant of Venice", and was wonderful. He mentioned that he would be directing in the fall and invited everyone to come out to audition. I gladly accepted the offer.

I'll be honest, this a show I really want. It pays a small stipend, will look great on my resume, will introduce to more people in the Bay Area theatre community (networking is awesome), and the timing is perfect.

I did have a few problems trying to book an appointment. Every time I called I got the answering machine, even during the office hours. And the machine starts off with talking about the Box Office hours and buying tickets. There is no mention of setting up audition appointments. And while it does say you can leave a message for a staff member, I did not initially know which staff member set up the audition appointments. The first message I left was never returned, but I didn't leave the message for anyone in particular. I just expressed my interest in wanting to audition, asking for a date and leaving my contact info. The second time, I specifically left the message for Meredith King, who sent the audition notice through bayareatheatrebums. This time I got my appointment confirmed.

Northside Theatre wasn't at all what I expected. I expected to find something like City Lights or Broadway West, a small space squashed between downtown buildings. Instead I found myself at an elementary school/community center that also has a theatre in it. The space is fairly small, but I'm getting used to that now.

I saw a couple of people there I knew from what I call the SJSU theatre group. These are people I have met either while attending SJSU or are SJSU theatre students. I'm enjoying seeing friendly, familiar faces at auditions. It helps me relax a bit. And it's always fun to catch up with people I don't see very often.

I was told to bring 2 contrasting pieces no more than 5 minutes in length. I had previously asked my mentor if I should find period pieces since it's a Dickens play, but was told "no." Instead I did a piece from Dan Dietz's "TEMPOdyssey," my comedic choice, and a piece from George F. Walker's "Tough," my contrasting piece. "TEMPOdyssey" is the one I've been working on in class so I felt quite comfortable with it. Tough was stolen from a fellow actor of the same class.

Overall I felt this was one of my better auditions recently. I'm gaining more confidence with each audition and the theatre class is definitely helping me. Also, I put some time into these monologues already so I wasn't too worried about the delivery.

After my audition James asked if I could stay to read some sides. Unfortunately, I agreed to pick up an extra shift at my day job so I couldn't stay as long as I would've liked. I did have time to get in one side, Belle's monologue. James gave me a bit of information on the piece before I went out to practice. What stuck with me was James saying that Belle is hurting, but trying not to show her feelings. That's she's strong. So when I came back to do the piece that's how I read it-strong. Belle is breaking up with Ebeneezer, but since she was the one walking away she wouldn't show her hurt. Well, judging by James's reaction I felt like I missed the mark. I had about 10 seconds of panic and my thoughts basically went, "Oh shit, I did it wrong. Um. Um. Quick! Ask him if I can do it again." So I did. I basically said, aloud, "Um. I could try that again if you want?" Luckily, James is great and let me give it another shot with a bit more direction. I tried to be a bit more heartfelt, and show more heartache. I felt like I nailed it the second time around. Right after the reading I had to leave for work. I won't find out for a few days about the casting.

What I really appreciated about this audition was getting a second chance. I'm so new and cold readings are still one of my worst areas. I really wish more directors would say, "Could you try it this way?" during an audition. I do get that there's time to consider and really if you deserved the part you'd have probably nailed it the first time, but for noobs like me these small second chances are so important in my learning curve. I just wish it would happen more often.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Currently Playing

There is a lot of great theatre here in the Bay Area. Please support your community and catch a show.

Center REPertory Company
She Loves Me
9/2-10/10 (closes tonight!)

Pacific Repertory Theatre
The Country Wife

Marin Theatre Company
In the Red and Brown Water 
9/9-10/10 (closes tonight!)

Ray of Light Theatre
Jerry Springer the Opera
9/10-10/16 (closes this week!)

Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre
My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra
9/17-10/10 (closes tonight!)

Altarena Playhouse
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Broadway West
Dial M for Murder
9/17-10/16 (closes this week!)

Sierra Repertory Theatre
Red, White and Tuna

Ross Valley Players

American Conservatory Theatre

New Conservatory Theatre Center
Anita Bryan Died for Your Sins

Subterranean Shakespeare
The Ben Johnson Series

California Shakespeare Theatre
Much Ado About Nothing

Sonoma County Repertory Theatre
Fat Pig

Solano College Theatre
9/23-10/10 (closes tonight!)

Pear Avenue Theatre
Angels in America & Our Town

City Lights
First Day of School

Custom Made Theatre Co.
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

The Marsh

Not Quite Opera Productions
Absolutely San Francisco

Brava! for Women in the Arts
9/25-10/16 (closes this week!)

South Bay Musical Theatre
The Music Man
9/25-10/16 (closes this week!)

SF Playhouse
The Sunset Limited

San Jose Stage Company
reasons to be pretty

College of Marin Theatre Arts
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

AlterTheatre Ensemble
Intimate Apparel

Stage Werx Theatre
Zombie Town

Town Hall Theatre Company
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Santa Rosa Junior College Theatre Arts Dept.
10/1-10/10 (closes tonight!)

Stage 1 Theatre
10/1-10/16 (closes this week!)

Pacific Repertory Theatre
Twelfth Night

6th Street Playhouse
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

We Players

New Conservatory Theatre
And Then They Came for Me
10/3-10/10 (closes tonight!)

42nd Street Moon
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Willows Theatre Company

Superior Donuts

Shotgun Players
Mary Stuart

Northside Theatre Company
Scrambled Eggs

Exit Theatre
Obscura-a magic show

CatchyName Theatre Company
Mad Tom

RasaNova Theatre
Dancing on Glass
10/8-10/10 (closes tonight!)

San Jose State University
The Seagull
10/8-10/16 (closes this week!)

Mira Theatre Guild
The Diary of Anne Frank

6th Street Playhouse
Becoming Walt Whitman

The Jewish Theatre
Wrestling Jerusalem
10/9-10/10 (closes tonight!)

Lyric Theatre
Babes in Toyland & Cox and Box

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Auditions for the Week of 10/10/10

Playwright's Center of San Francisco
General Auditions
Auds. 10/11 7-10p. Email your HS/Resume to with “PCSF Fall 2010 General
Auditions” in the subject.

Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre
Bat Boy: The Musical
Auds 10/11-12 7:30p. Download aud form and & bring to aud with HS/Resume.

Pinole Community Players
The Full Monty
Auds 10/11-12 7:30p. Call (510) 233-3598 or email for info.

Raven Players
Doubt: A Parable
Auds 10/12-13 7-9p; 10/16 10a-12p. Call (707) 431-7790 for appt/info.

Palo Alto Players
Auds 10/16. Email for appointment.

Foothill College
Auds 10/16-17 12p-5p. Call (650) 949-7268 for info.

Opening This Week 10/10/2010

Here's a rundown of shows opening this week. Go out and support your community theatre.

SF Playhouse
Seven Days

American Conservatory Theatre
The Three Sisters

Climate Theatre

Marin Theatre Company
9 Circles

Diablo Valley College Department of Drama

Youth Musical Theater Company
Anything Goes

Benicia Old Town Theatre Group

Sonoma State University
Urgent Fury

Independent Eye
Hands Up!

Central Works
Penelope's Odyssey

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Auditions for Week of 10/03/10

Notes about audition postings: This is just a quick overview of info I've received on Bay Area auditions. For detailed information please subscribe to Theatre Bay Area  or bayareatheatrebums. Please do not email me for more information.

Hillbarn Theatre
Auds 10/3. Callbacks 10/4. Call (650) 349-6411 for appointment.

Diablo Theatre Company
The Drowsy Chaperone
10/8 6p-10p and 10/9 11a-6p. Call (925) 944-1565 or email for appointment.

New Conservatory Theatre Center
Auds 10/9 11a-1p. Callbacks 10/10 6p-8p. Email HS/Resume to Jovan Olague,

Broadway West
I Do, I Do
Auds 10/9 2p-5p. Callbacks 10/10 6p-9p. Call (510) 683-9218 for appointment.