Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Auditions for Week of 01/23/2011-02/06/2011

Notes about audition postings: This is just a quick overview of info I've received on Bay Area auditions. For detailed information please subscribe to Theatre Bay Area or bayareatheatrebums. Please do not email me for more information.

1 Hour Special Project
Needed male and female actors to imitate 70 year old body movements. Needs to be available from 1/23-30. Email H/S and resume to ram.fish@bluelibris.com.

Masquers Playhouse
The Marriage of Bette and Boo
Auds 1/23 2p & 1/24 7p. Email Peter Budinger & DC Scarpelli, dremile@tremendo.org for appt.

Sonoma Stage Works
Summer Theatre Festival:  The Odd Couple & Treasure Island
Auds 1/22 & 1/29 1p-4p. Call 707-996-6003 for appt.

Role Players Ensemble Theatre
The Foreigner
Auds 1/24 6p-10p. Call 925-837-6560 or Email robitaylor@aol.com for appt.

Napa Valley College Repertory Theater
The People's Temple
Auds 1/24-25 7p. Call 707-256-7503 or  Email jking@napavalley.edu for appt.

Crystal Springs Players
The Memory of Water
Auds 1/24 7p. No appt. necessary.

Napa Valley College Repertory Theater
Title TBD
Auds 1/26 6p-9p. Call 707-256-7503 or Email jking@napavalley.edu for appt.

New Conservatory Theatre Center
The Stops
Auds 1/26 7:30p-9p. Email H/S and resume to Jovan Olague, jovan@nctcsf.org for appt, put "THE STOPS Auditions" in the subject line.

New Conservatory Theatre Center
Waiting for Giovanni
Auds 1/27 6p-9p. Email H/S and resume to Jovan Olague, jovan@nctcsf.org for appt.

Dragon Productions Theatre Company
A Streetcar Named Desire
Auds 1/29 10a-2p. Email info@dragonproductions.net for appt.

Mountain Play Association
Auds 1/29 9a-12p for non-AEA & 1p for AEA. Call 415-383-1100 for appt.

Pacifica Spindrift Players
Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure
Auds 1/29 11a-3p & 1/30 1p-4p. Call Craig, 650-355-7355.

Sunnyvale Players
Auds 1/30-31 7p-9p. For info see Facebook page for info.

Solano College Theatre
The Wizard of Oz
Auds 1/31 & 2/1 6p-10p. Call 707-864-7000 x4518 for appt.

City College of San Francisco Theatre Arts Dept
Guys and Dolls
Auds 2/5 10a-1p & 2/6 10a-2p. Must register as student. Call 415-452-7279 for info.

Pear Avenue Theatre
Raisin in the Sun
Auds 2/5 11a-1:30p. Call 650-254-1148 or email aceastar@pacbell.net for appt.

2 Actresses Needed
For a video shoot 2/10-12 in Concord. Email davidpurzycki@gmail.com for info.

YouthAware Educational Theatre Program
Cootie Shots
Send H/S and resume to sara@nctcsf.org.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prepping for Kaiser Permanente

So I've recently learned that Kaiser Permanente will be having their auditions for their Educational Touring Program in late March. So I've sent off my audition request and have been approved (yay!). I now have 3 months-ish to get my "ish" together. ETP sends out a packet that includes a list of monologue samples. I've decided to do a piece from David Mamet's "Oleanna."

I've auditioned for ETP last year and wasn't called back. I'm hoping to put in some very hard work so that doesn't happen this year. Last year I also did "Oleanna," however I did a different monologue than the one recommended. This year I don't want to take any chances so I'm do the one off the recommended list. I am a little worried about this because I have to figure out how to stand out among all the other actors who'll probably use the same piece.

ETP also offers a seminar in early March. Again I didn't attend the seminar last year, I think I was too busy. This year I plan on going. They offer a chance to present your monologue and I don't want to miss any opportunity for feedback.

This is an organization I want in with for a few reasons. The obvious ones being the steady pay/work and benefits. But working with ETP is more than that for me. I have a degree in Psychology that I feel like I rarely use. I love performing. Why not combine the two with educational theatre? Could this be my calling? I don't know. But I would love an opportunity to find out.

As a note, I have a love/hate relationship with "Oleanna." I've used one particular piece (starts with, "You ask me here...") pretty much throughout college. I enjoy the piece and the play, but I really struggle with it. I've never nailed down a full character analysis of CAROL. The way Mamet writes with his ellipses really confuses my brain. What are these people trying to say to each other? What do they mean? Why can't they finish a thought? When are they being interrupted vs. trailing off? It's a struggle. Once I get my groundwork done, A.K.A. memorized, I'll start in on some real character analysis and then take the piece out to my coach. Hopefully I'll nail it this year.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Auditions for Week of 1/10/2011

Notes about audition postings: This is just a quick overview of info I've received on Bay Area auditions. For detailed information please subscribe to Theatre Bay Area or bayareatheatrebums. Please do not email me for more information.

Marin Shakespeare Company
General auditions
Auds in February, accepting appointments now. AEA: Prep 2 contrasting monologues, 3 min max. Non-AEA: Prep 1 Shakespeare monologue. May also prep short singing, musical instrument or special skills demo. Email, info@marinShakespeare.org or phone 415-499-4488 for appt.

Sunnyvale Community Players
Auds immediately. Looking for actors ages 12-18. Email Myra
Diamond, myradiamond@comcast.net for appt.

City College of San Fancisco
The Importance of Being Earnest
Auds 1/14 & 1/21 5:30p-9p; 1/15 & 1/22 12p-2:30p. Prep 1-min monologue. Email John Wilk, jwilk@ccsf.edu for appt.

Los Gatos Shakespeare Festival
General auditions
Auds 1/15 11am-3pm and 1/16 3:30 -6pm. By appointment only. Prep 2 classical monologues. Bring H/S and resume. Call (408) 996-0635 for appt.

Coastal Repertory Theatre
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?
Auds 1/15 11am-1pm. Cold readings, can perform monologue if wanted but not required.

Ross Valley Players
Auds 1/15-1/16. Cold read & prep 1 musical number. Bring music w/full piano accomp in your key. Call or email Maureen, (415) 235-8800; omaureen@hotmail.com for appt.